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Harnessing the tide of public and private investment

Urban-Tide is an innovative group of development and investment specialists with more than 25 years of experience in finance, urban planning, architecture, public policy, community development and real estate. 

 We understand how cities develop, function and thrive.  
We know that the value of a single property or business increases when that property exists within a vibrant community. That’s why our investment philosophy focuses on the synergy between private and public investments.  We don’t just invest in properties, we invest in communities.

 We harness the tides of investment in a metro area to enhance the value of each property.  
In every region there are a patterns and flows of private and public investment.  Our investment philosophy focuses on making strategic private investments in communities where public investments enhance the value of your individual property.

 We analyze and monitor metropolitan trends to identify the best investment communities.
  • Housing and employment projections
  • Growth trend analyses
  • Public Investment documents
  • State and metropolitan investment plans
  • Infrastructure and transportation plans 

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